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Who we are

Professional business acquisitions company. We are in search of businesses that we can acquired through a merger or an acquisition.
We structure leverage buyouts and creative transactions.
We like to build a professional working relationship with business owners who have an open mind, motivated and willing to negotiate win win transactions.

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Why Acquisitions Divestments?

Our owner has been in the mergers & acquisitions and real estate business for over 30 years. He can bring this experience into any business or real estate transaction, while negotiating win win opportunities for the buyers, sellers, Acquisitions Divestments company and Acquisitions Divestments Partners.


Money is the driving force behind any investment, venture, business or opportunity. Whether you are starting a business, hiring employees, and or purchasing product for sale or renting a building to house your products and for employees to have a place to work, money is needed.

Where does the money come from is the only issue.

It could be money you saved to start your business or it could be money you borrowed from an investor.

Also, money borrowed from a bank a business loan or money borrowed from a close relative. As with any venture, money will be invested or put at risk to complete an investment.

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Nothing in life is a guarantee, but there are a couple of exceptions such as death and government taxes.

All of us sooner or later will have a date with the undertaker, but as long as you are working and making money you will have to pay Uncle Sam his due of federal and state taxes.

Everything else is a risk and there are no guarantees. We will not make any guarantees to you as well.

We will make a calculated risk assessment of the factors and do our best to achieve those goals.

If someone guarantees you anything else besides death and taxes, they are not being truthful.

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  • 1. Security

  • 2. Retire

  • a. Keep Working if you like

  • b. Millions of Dollars

  • 3. Letting Someone Else Takeover

  • a. Less Stress of running the day to day operations

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The Offer?


Why are you in business?
Hopefully to make money, take care of your family, retire rich or enough money for your later years, and leave a legacy for your children and their children. Maybe you, also thought about being bought-out from a bigger competitor or someone new who wants to enter into the business.

This will also allow you to achieve your goals mention above. If this is the reason then you are in the right place, just keep reading.

We are looking for business owners who want to retire or keep working if you like, with hopefully millions of dollars in your bank account.

This is not a statement taking out of the thin air, we have a plan to make this happen and can be achieve within a very short period of time.
If you are interested in learning more contact me as soon as you can, because we are only going to need a dozen businesses to achieve this goal. The more businesses involved the better, but a dozen and we can be off running making this happen

We are not looking for tire kickers, who waste time and energy. We need serious business people who want to retire, or continue to work, but will have an opportunity of having millions of dollars when its all said and done.

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Acquisitions Divestments History

Acquisitions Divestments, we’re mergers and acquisitions company, that seeks to buy and sell businesses, real estate properties, resorts and hotels, which are high risk income money making transactions.

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